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Radiologists are in Demand. Choose Your Location. Make More Money.

Opportunities for skilled radiologists who want to travel are everywhere. Where do you want to go?

If you have a two-year associate degree or a one-year transitional program from another allied health profession, you have the opportunity to work in radiologic tech in a desired location with an array of assignments from which to choose. And if you love to travel, take your career to the road, see some sights, and earn more with Anders Group.

What is Radiology and Radiologic Tech?

A career in radiology offers the chance to contribute to patient care by conducting diagnostic imaging exams, evaluating the results and determining next steps using medical imaging to diagnose and treat patients. As a radiologist you have the option to work in technology like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, X-rays and ultrasound. These exams usually serve as the first step in identifying health issues, but radiology can also be used to treat illnesses.

If you’re a career radiologist with advanced experience and/or a doctoral degree, you know the gratifying rewards that accompany helping patients of all ages. Because radiology is such a crucial aspect of medical care, it requires healthcare workers of all levels.

For Radiologist Who Love to Travel

Now imagine you have the option to travel and work in a location of your choice, taking assignments you choose for weeks or months, all the while earning higher pay, a chance to learn cutting-edge technology, gaining valuable personal growth – and having an exciting adventure. 

As an Anders Group Traveler you have the opportunity to do the work you enjoy and visit new cities and health facilities, while planning your personal time, too. Radiologists and radiologic techs who travel with Anders Group also have the major advantage of bigger paychecks. Anders Group recruiters will even help you build a strong travel resume and portfolio, sharing tips and guidelines that are proven to work.

We will explain the wide range of radiology assignments available to you based on your level of education and experience, explaining length of assignments, location options, and compensation, clearing the way for you to fully realize the value of each opportunity you pursue.

We realize that navigating job postings and application processes can be time-consuming. That’s why our expert Anders Group recruiters take the time to walk you through each step of the journey, so that you feel comfortable and confident moving forward as an Anders Group Traveler.

Anders Group Advantages

At Anders Group, we know that radiology is a crucial aspect of medical care that requires healthcare workers of all levels. At the highest level, you may coordinate diagnostic tests, analyze results and perform treatments using radiology; working with allied health professionals, such as technologists and sonographers, to perform tests and assess images.

We also understand the importance of radiologists and radiologic techs due to the pressing need to fill the gap created by the post-COVID backlog. Because radiology is critical in early diagnosis to improve patient outcomes, staying informed about the demand for radiology and other important allied health positions is foremost at Anders Group. Indications point out that we will continue to see a higher demand for imaging services and radiologists and radiologic techs in the future.

More Advantages to Joining Anders Group

We encourage Anders Group Travelers to network, an essential key to advancing any career, especially as a traveling health professional. By building meaningful connections with other professionals in your field, you will have more abundant access to job opportunities that can help advance your career and help you develop professionally. 

Traveling to various new places gives you the opportunity to meet many new people at every facility and department where you work. Networking can help you build relationships with other radiologic professionals and like-minded individuals. 

  • Attend Events and Meet Other Professionals
  • Join Online Communities and Forums
  • Stay Relevant on Social Media such as LinkedIn

Anders Group offers Traveler Essentials which has free downloadable content for radiology and radiologic tech positions. Learn more about your profession, how you can easily navigate traveling and managing.

Radiologic Technologists are needed in nearly every healthcare setting, from major hospitals to outpatient clinics and more. Anders Group allows you to choose your career path as a travel radiologist and radiology tech. Discover jobs in radiology here.

Where Do You Want to Go Today?

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