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Expand Your World as a Travel Allied Healthcare Worker

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Work/life doesn’t get any better than this. Experience the joy of travel, reward of career growth, and advantage of higher income -- all possible when you make one important decision.

It’s a fascinating world out there with so much to see and do, but how much of it have you actually experienced? If you’re tied to a permanent allied healthcare job, you likely know how difficult it can be to plan for time-off or a vacation. What if you had the option to decide where you wanted to work and when? Just those two factors alone give you more flexibility and freedom than you have in a permanent role.

Sound too good to be true? Adventure always has a bit of the ‘unknown’ to it, but it can be exciting if you’re working with outstanding people who care about you. Hundreds of Anders Group Allied Healthcare Travelers could tell you many reasons why they love their work, not to mention how much more money they make. Most of them never go back to permanent jobs.

What’s In It For You?

If you’re a nurse, therapist, radiologist, or other allied health professional with an adventurous spirit, a desire for professional growth, and much better income – here’s some of the unique advantages you’ll get as an Anders Group Allied Healthcare Traveler: 

  • Your choice of travel locations
  • You can visit exciting destinations you’ve longed to see
  • You have the chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles
  • You decide how often you want to go on assignment
  • You have opportunities to enhance your professional skills as you travel
  • You will meet other healthcare travelers and make new friends
  • You get the chance to experience a feel for different facilities and how they’re run
  • You have a say about the length of your assignments
  • You receive full benefits from day one
  • You get a stipend for paid travel expenses
  • You’ll always have the support of Anders Group Team, 24/7
  • You will have access to a Client Liaison for healthcare questions

Basically, you will have the opportunity to experience the latest medical technologies and procedures while you learn, grow, and expand your professional expertise everywhere you go on a travel assignment.

This video will give you even more details about becoming an Anders Group Travel Healthcare professional. 


We’ve Got You Covered

One of the highlights of working with Anders Group is that you’re never alone. Even if you’re somewhere you’ve never been and everything seems like an unknown, you can feel confident that there is an Anders Group Team member just a phone call, text, or email away. Day or night, there is a helping hand to guide you through any concerns or questions you may have.

And don’t worry about what time it is. If it’s 5:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m., reach out and there will be someone there who knows you, understands the assignment you’re on, and is familiar with your circumstances. That’s just one way that our committed team members stand together to be there for you. Personalized support you can count on.

And should your question or concern be technical or medical related, you can always rely on the expertise of our Clinical Liaison to help you stay on course. Unique to Anders Group, our Clinical Liaison is a natural extension of Anders’ traveler recruiters. She is active and reliable when travelers who are on assignment call on her for answers. For healthcare travelers, she is a ‘safe place’ to go to get clinical answers to clinical questions; a knowledgeable resource who is always there when needed.

Our free Traveler Essentials downloadable guide is helpful and informative for any travel nurse, therapist, or allied health professional. Take a look at how it can help you.

  • Understanding your pay package helps you find the best contract for you.
  • Our resume template helps optimize your resume for travel job search.
  • Find out how to strengthen your online profile as a healthcare traveler.

All in One

To sum it up, an Allied Healthcare Traveler with Anders Group has enormous advantages that include: exciting travel and discovery; opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally; a chance to make new friends and meet like-minded healthcare workers; a way to enjoy generous benefits and pay package; and the freedom to decide where and when you want to work.

Sounds enticing, right? So, what are you waiting for? Connect with an Anders Group recruiter today and expand your universe in many more ways than one. Becoming a Travel Healthcare professional with Anders Group is a smart decision. After all, it’s your career, so why not have it your way?

Contact us soon and simply answer this question:

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