Understanding Your Pay Package

Most travelers say they travel for the experience AND THE PAY! Thus, it is always surprises us when we talk to travelers with other companies, thankfully that have realized they need to work with the best agency (ahem, Anders Group!), and when we ask about their pay expectations/packages that they… Read More »

Interview Process for Travelers

We have travel openings across the U.S. and candidates are often submitting for jobs out of state. Due to this, most of our traveler interviews occur over the phone. It can be tough to let a hiring manager know your personality and skill set only over the phone. We wanted… Read More »

Best Method of Communication

In this day and age, there are so many way great ways to communicate with each with other. We have come a long way from the days of snail mail, land lines, and answering machines. Cell phones, emails, and text messaging have made it very easy for everyone to stay… Read More »

How to Help Your Recruiter Help You!

When you first talk to your recruiter at Anders Group, we hope that you can notice the difference and see that we go the extra mile for our travelers. We work with lots of therapists, technicians, and nurses who are new to the travel lifestyle and those who have had… Read More »

I am interested in traveling. Now what?

We are excited to hopefully help you with the right travel opportunity! It is never too early to get connected with a recruiter. We typically submit and coordinate interviews about six weeks prior to a candidate’s start date, but long before that, we ideally have already connected to answer all… Read More »

A Different Approach to Staffing – What does this mean?

Anders Group has a different approach to staffing. Most companies see the number of placements as the business goal. They are all about quantity not quality, and everyone is a number. Here is where our approach is different. We hope that through quality placements we are successful, but our focus… Read More »

Health Insurance- What does Anders Group Offer?

Anders Group is thankful to be able to offer currently day one medical benefits to our full time travel contractors. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance. In addition, employer paid STD and LTD coverage. We have a variety of plans available depending on what coverage needs you may have.… Read More »

What am I going to be paid?

Top pay is great reason to travel as a healthcare professional. More often than not, traveling pays better than full time, permanent positions. In addition to this higher pay, there are added benefits associated with traveling, such as tax incentives in the form of “per diems.” But how much is… Read More »

Guest Blog by James Spencer from HoboHealth: How to Decide Where to Travel

People frequently ask me if I get to choose where I go as a traveling therapist. Let’s clear this up right now. Yes. As a traveler, you choose where the recruiter looks for jobs for you, you have the choice of whether you interview for any specific job, and you… Read More »