Eat.See.Do. Anchorage, Alaska

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WHERE: Anchorage, AK

ABOUT: Only in Anchorage can you meet a moose, walk on a glacier, and explore a vast, natural park all in a single day. This city is surrounded by parks, mountains, and filled beautiful wildlife. Here you can get the feelings of a big city town and still appreciate the last frontier. No matter the season, Anchorage is a beautiful location to spend 13+ weeks.


  • Glacier Brewhouse – “…the warm spot on a cold Alaskan night”
  • Jack Sprat – with locally grown produce and Alaskan caught seafood, this restaurant showcases delicious flavors from around the world


  • Eagle and Symphony Lakes – one of the best sites in Anchorage; on one side you have aquamarine Symphony Lake and on the other, there’s green Eagle Lake – breathtaking!
  • Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary – no matter the season, you can find dozens of species of birds that call this habitat home



  • The largest salmon caught in Alaska was 97.25 pounds
  • There are approximately 100 languages spoken in Anchorage School District

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