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Choosing the Right Travel Healthcare Company

Entering the world of travel healthcare presents complex decisions and obstacles for healthcare professionals. You strive to deliver top-quality patient care as a nurse or medical provider. But you must also navigate career choices and attend to your needs. 

The responsibilities pull you in many directions. Travel healthcare offers rewards if done right and pitfalls if handled poorly. With so many options and factors to weigh, the terrain can feel tricky to maneuver and uncertain at times. 

At Anders Group, we comprehend the gravity of these decisions and their influence on one's life. We believe the ideal travel healthcare partner makes all the difference by providing the support you need to achieve your goals and find career satisfaction.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions that align with your career and lifestyle needs.

Understand Your Career Goals and Needs

Before beginning your company search, take time to reflect deeply on your motivations and priorities for travel healthcare. Consider both your short-term and long-term career goals and objectives.

For short-term, this may include things like:

  • Gaining experience in a new clinical specialty or different setting
  • Securing a flexible assignment schedule
  • Working in a desirable geographic location
  • Obtaining valuable facility or system experience
  • Expanding your skill set and nursing competencies

For the long-term, reflect on goals like:

  • Progressing into an advanced specialty like ICU, OR, ER, etc.
  • Transitioning into leadership roles like charge nurse or supervisor
  • Building expertise in a particular clinical specialty or field
  • Maximizing earnings to pay off debt or make a large purchase
  • Establishing connections for future permanent roles

Make your goals as specific as possible to help identify the crucial factors influencing your decision-making. For example, choose a company offering diverse assignment options if clinical variety is a priority.

If career development is essential, seek those providing mentorship programs. Understanding your own motivations and objectives will ensure you choose opportunities aligned with your short and long-term goals.

Researching Travel Healthcare Companies

There are various types of travel healthcare companies, each offering unique services and benefits. Using online resources and reviews can be a good starting point. However, don't stop there—seek recommendations from colleagues who have worked with these companies. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights.

Evaluating Company Reputation

Company reputation matters. Assess the company's credibility and history. Look at their industry track record, financial stability, and commitment to customer service. Exploring online ratings and reviews and researching past experiences of other healthcare professionals can give you a sense of the company's reputation.

Assessing Compensation and Benefits

Understand the compensation structures of different companies. They can vary widely. Evaluate the benefits packages offered. Do they include health insurance, and continuing education allowances? 

Look at more than the base salary offered when you review compensation packages. Ensure you understand the complete compensation structure, including bonuses, stipends, allowances, and benefits. 

The company provides a certain salary amount, but part of that total could be a generous housing or meal allowance. 

Take into account the total value of the whole compensation package being offered. Just because one offer has a higher base salary does not necessarily mean it provides more total pay overall. Having the complete compensation picture allows you to compare different offers accurately.

Licensing and Compliance

Ensure that the company is compliant with industry regulations. This includes their processes for making sure your licensing and certification are current. A good company will provide support in these areas, reducing your workload and stress.

Support and Resources

The availability and expertise of recruiters and support staff can significantly impact your overall experience. Be sure to inquire about the team supporting you before, during, and after assignments.

Consider asking about professional development opportunities. Look for companies that invest in their travelers' ongoing education and training. Some examples include:

  • Clinical certifications – Education and exam vouchers to obtain new specialty certifications
  • Continuing education – Funds or reimbursement for CE courses and conferences
  • Tuition assistance – Funds towards advancing your nursing degree

Access to these development opportunities expands your nursing expertise and career possibilities. Don’t underestimate their value.

Communication and Transparency

Clear communication is crucial in any professional relationship. The company should be transparent about assignment details, including location, duration, compensation, and expectations. Their accessibility and responsiveness can indicate their commitment to your success.

Ongoing communication and access to staff should continue once an assignment begins. Look for a company that provides clear points of contact and 24/7 support for any needs that arise during assignments. You want to select a travel partner that will remain responsive and available to answer any questions. 

Issues like payroll, contract extensions, reimbursements, etc. should be handled promptly and efficiently. Having staff you trust to have your back, make your job easier, and quickly address any concerns is invaluable. 

This level of service requires a company-wide commitment to open communication and transparency with their travelers’ needs always prioritized.

Contracts and Legal Considerations

Understanding contract terms is vital. Know your legal protections and rights as a healthcare professional. A responsible company will ensure that you comprehend the contract terms before signing.

Personalized Fit

Seek a personalized fit, not a one-size-fits-all company. The right agency invests time in understanding your skills, experience, personality, and aspirations. They then suggest opportunities that align with your career goals and lifestyle needs.  

Ask specific questions to assess how well a company aims to match you to appropriate facilities. Do they take the time to listen and incorporate your preferences? Can they explain how they determined a match was good for you specifically? Proper personalization requires effort, care, and attention to the individual

Find the Right Travel Healthcare Company 

Choosing the right travel healthcare company is a critical step in your career. A successful partnership can enhance your professional growth, personal satisfaction, and the quality of patient care you provide.

At Anders Group, we devote ourselves to delivering unparalleled service to our travelers. We aim to fulfill your personal, professional, and career aspirations. Our highly tailored and personalized support means you have a steadfast champion in your corner.

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