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Pete's Travel Healthcare Journey to Adventure, Top Pay and Freedom

When your job is less than fun and your skills are top notch, maybe it’s time to hit the road.

Meet Pete, a skilled occupational therapist with five plus years of experience to his credit at a major healthcare facility. One day Pete realized he was experiencing career burnout. He had worked in the same position so long that work left him uninspired. He wanted a change – something that would add some flexibility, new horizons, and personal fulfillment to his career and his life.

When Pete first came to Anders Group, he told us he was looking for options related to Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs. He was inspired by the idea of working in different environments and receiving top pay while on travel assignments. He was also motivated by the fact that travel healthcare would give him a much better work/life balance, something he really needed.

Pete shared with us how much he loves his work, helping people who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems. He shared with us that his work as an occupational therapist was satisfying, and he wanted to continue on his career path, hopefully gaining new insights and learning new procedures along the way.

Because Pete was interested in seeing more of the Pacific Northwest, we guided him in his search for locations and assignment opportunities in that region. He decided on Portland, Oregon to start. Portland is known for its parks, bridges and bicycle paths, as well as for its eco-friendliness and its microbreweries and coffeehouses—all things that appealed to Pete.

Anders Group offers Travel Occupational Therapist Jobs in all 50 states and U.S. territories, so Pete had plenty of options, although, for now Portland was his first choice. We showed him how occupational therapists with Anders Group could work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, community clinics, and private practice. 

Pete was excited about the cultural exposure he would gain as an Anders Group Traveler. He realized it would avail him more personal growth opportunities as well. The Anders Group Team assured Pete that transitioning to travel healthcare was fully supported by individuals who were available 24/7 to provide solutions and support during all of his travels.

When Pete and the Anders Group Team finalized his first assignment, he could hardly wait to get “on the road”. With Portland, Oregon, as Pete’s first assignment, he was ready to get started. When he factored in the great pay and first day benefits, and getting to work in a location he had always wanted to see, he was doubly excited. 

Pete has been with Anders Group now for two years and told us he was ‘completely sold’ on travel healthcare. In that time, Pete has traveled to multiple locations throughout the U.S. He said if he had known sooner how rewarding travel healthcare is, he would have signed up years ago.

We at Anders Group are delighted that Pete has discovered the fulfillment that comes from being an Anders Group Traveler. Pete, like all of Anders Group Travelers, discovered it was possible to have an amazing, great-paying job, see the world, and have an adventurous career all at once.

Anders Group works with allied health professionals, nurses, and therapists to find the very best travel healthcare opportunities across the United States. Browse our Job Board to find out about travel healthcare opportunities with Anders Group. Then you can answer this question, Where Do You Want to Go Today?

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